Welcome to Decentered – Media for Social Accountability

Decentered is a new departure for me as I start to work independently supporting community, social and sustainable media practices. I’m going to be using this website and it’s feeds to share ideas about how we use and understand non-centric media. So that’s media that isn’t mainstream, is self-produced, or focusses on social solidarity and community enhancement as its purpose.

I’m going to carry on blogging and sharing things on my personal website (https://robwatsonmedia.net), but with this site I want to post podcasts and vlogs, blogs and share documents that promote greater social inclusion and civic sustainability  through the use of community and social practices for media.

It’s vitally important in these stressed times that we share our insight and our expertise in promoting a more socially engaged and accountable forms of media. So, I will use this blog to continue to share my work with other partners and collaborators, such as the Community Media Association, the Documentary Media Centre, GAPMIL, Better Media, Leicester University, and many others.

I’m looking forward to having the time to do some more in-depth blogging and writing, sharing my experiences working with people who are developing their community and social media projects, and helping people and organisations to realise a more socially engaged and nurturing approach to media that draws on the best values of pluralistic and empowered media.

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