Decentered Media is about using media for positive social change. We offer

  • Research and knowledge development.
  • Training, mentoring and coaching.
  • Facilitation and collaborative development techniques.
  • Report writing, tender document preparation and resource development planning.
  • Media production and digital resource design.

We bring innovative research methods to examine the way that you use media to communicate with your partners, clients and customers.

We help you to identify a theory of change that can add value and bring about enhanced impact by making your communications more authentic and meaningful to your customers.

In a world that is rapidly digitising and decentralising, there is a need for businesses, community organisations and public sector bodies to change their communication approaches. We all need communication and media that we can trust, that is authentic, and which is relevant to our experience within our communities.

We will work with you to develop communication plans and strategies that are aligned with your organisation’s social values, so that you can make a positive contribution to your community, while ensuring the sustainable development of your services.

We believe that when used conscientiously, decentralised communications and media can be empowering for individuals and communities. Helping people to find their voice to communicate responsibly creates the opportunity for more socially inclusive, diverse and sustainable relationships.

We can help you to develop unique and wide-ranging insights about the nature of media for social change and social inclusion. These insights will be relevant to your organisation, and will add to the social impact that you want to bring about.

We can help your organisation manage change by supporting your creative communication skills, and then helping you to incorporate them in the way that you manage your networks and relationships.

We do this by using research, development and analysis techniques that support qualitative experiences. Our approach is based on internationally recognised community media methods, such as ABCD, the asset-based development approach, and the C4D, the communication for development approach.

We can help you identify the emerging issues that inform the changes that all socially responsible organisations are facing, and then turn this into a programme of learning and development that can help you shift focus, not only of your organisation, but also for your clients customers, members and partners.

We can help you design and develop integrated and extended learning programmes by incorporating our research experience, our knowledge of innovative and collaborative digital processes, and our passion for inclusive and democratic approaches to civic and social participation through community media. We bring

  • Over twenty-years practical experience developing innovative media course.
  • Internationally recognised practice-focussed research.
  • Extensive experience as an advocate for social change and empowerment through community media, digital engagement and social value communications.
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