Decentered Media is about…

Pathfinding – Service for Clients

Insight into the social impact of community-based services does not always come by examining the numbers and metrics alone. Instead, understanding comes from the way we treat users’ interactions as meaningful and creative. To see beyond the raw numbers, I’m able to help clients think about how their customers or service users, and the communities they engage with, understand the services and products they provide. I am able to help clients develop a unique focus on the quality of the forms of communication they use, the models of engagement they practice, and the techniques and research approaches they use to account for those practices.

Outlook & Benefits to Clients

I’m a pioneer of innovative approaches to community development, organisation management, and media communication for social change. I’m able to lead and develop research-focussed projects that achieve improved social understanding, meaningful insight and critical analysis. I’m able to use my skills, knowledge and experience with research, community media and social media production, as well as my extensive teaching and curriculum development experience, to foster and improve the capability of civic and social organisations, especially as they seek to expand their capacity for social engagement and community-focused problem-solving.

Unique Proposition

I’m able to help client’s fill-in the gaps between what the statistics and data says, and what the perceptions and impressions of customers and service users indicate will make a project sustainable. I’m an experienced advocate of collaborative, collegiate, community and social-led decision-making and engagement activities, as well as a pioneer of media-related diversity and social inclusion approaches. This means I am flexible in my thinking and my analytical approach, looking at each client and situation individually, and developing solutions that are suited to the specific characteristics of each project.

People-Led Research

My research perspective is people-focussed, qualitative, and is founded on the pragmatic model of symbolic interactionism and ethnography. This means that I look at what people’s goals are, what works for them, and what makes a difference in the circumstances that are being examined. I focuss on the development of evaluative narratives that enable clients to enhance their projects, provide evidence for their funding applications, and interact with other, like-minded organisations to promote and submit grant applications.

Innovative Communication

Not all communication models need to be founded on mass-communications principles, but can instead, take the form of grass-roots and alternative media approaches. I have extensive practical experience supporting and developing media for communities. I am an advocate of social models of communication that bring people together in shared situations. This means helping groups and communities to learn from one another, tell their stories, and enhance their understanding of the role that they play in their community lives.

Professional Experience

With over twenty-years’ experience as a lecturer in media technology and media production, I am familiar with media-resource development, planning for media accessibility, systems training, professional standards, and critical evaluations of media approaches. I have extensive experience leading the development of emerging media production training, which has involved producing radio, developing social media platforms, giving lectures and public presentations. I am an effective communicator who can advocate and champion projects that have a strong regard for their social outcomes. I am experienced with working with regulatory and governmental organisations, such as Ofcom and DCMS, and I am familiar with a number of independent community media organisations who I have been helping to identify their strategic objectives and develop their key social change ideas in diverse, accessible and inclusive manner.