Collaborative Project Management Tool Wanted

With so many people working on DemonFM, running shows and projects, helping to develop the systems that we operate and manage, it’s becoming a much more complex undertaking to keep everyone informed, up-to-date, and feeling like their voice has been heard. We are using Facebook extensively to flag-up things that need to be done or have taken place. These are backed-up with a Media Wiki and a Forum that allows members to share ideas, documents and plan issues.

I’m trying to find an Open Source Project Management system that can bring all of these in one place, that can be located on a local server and controlled and run by the DemonFM volunteers themselves. Basecamp is a subscription based service that I know some colleagues use and speak highly about it. But is there an equivalent that we can mount and run on our own server, with our own local support and integration with our volunteers?

Our website is built on Drupal 6, and we are looking to upgrade to Drupal 7 soon. Are there any components in Drupal that can allow us to develop a collaborative interface? I suppose we want to share documents, develop ideas in a sandbox, track document versions and changes, and so on. Perhaps the easiest solution might be to train more people in using the Media Wiki?

Anyone with any suggestions give me a shout.

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