Leicester Community Media – Post-Lockdown Survey

With the news that we are finally leaving lockdown here in Leicester, I’ve been asked to put together a quick survey about how community-focussed media has dealt with the challenges of the lockdown, and what immediate lessons we can share that can help to coordinate and improve community communications in the next stage of the pandemic response.

I’ve put together a simple survey to highlight any immediate issues that can be shared:


If you have a colleague or partner organisation that you think might have a different experience, please share this link.

One of the remarkable things to happen in the lockdown is how many communities are now using media to keep people connected – think of the use of Zoom. Video conferencing might be an office tool, but it’s transformed how many people are creating media and keeping in contact.

It would be great to find out more about how these platforms have been used for support and community engagement, and what kind of practices we might develop support for in the future.

In addition to the established community radio stations here in Leicester, many charities, community groups and mutual aid groups have also been producing media content that they have shared directly with their supporters, clients and service users. It would be great to learn more about the use of this media and how it has helped widen the scope/role of community-focussed communications.

The responses to the survey will be summarised and anonymised, but the overall summary will be shared directly with all here, and then in the public domain and with relevant public authorities.

If you need any further information or clarification of any of the points, please do get in touch.


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