Decentered Podcast 115 – Don O’Neal and the Lack of Care Act

The Social Care Act 2014 established principles of independence and control for people who need social care services, however, the reality in practice is patchy and an uphill struggle for many people who rely on those services. Don O’Neal shared his motivation for writing his book ‘The Lack of Care Act 2014,’ and his experiences with the administration of adult social care, and Jane Muir shared her experiences of looking after her son as a carer. We discussed how a process-focussed mindset that is obsessed with budget control has come to dominate some local authorities, while people who require care feel that they don’t have a voice and aren’t listened to when they try to raise concerns about the standard of care they access, and the interminable processes they have to follow in order to get it.

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  1. Found this discussion both depressing and inspiring. We hear a lot about co-production and participation, but it does seem all too often it is a case of managers deciding who they want to listen to. When you hear smart, experienced people like Don and Jane talking about how they have been ignored and their “wisdom” wasted it is very frustrating, But when you hear Don, turned his experience into a book and is seeking to share good practice and his experience it is inspiring and can only hope he is put on a senior policy working group ASAP.
    The podcast also shows the strength of community media in being able to give people a voice and alongside a disabled person’s council in every LA would like to see support for community media, where people can set the agenda and create rather than just consume. #TogetherWeCan

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