Decentered Media Vlog – 007

In this vlog I wanted to highlight a couple of reports and blogs that have come to my attention over the last couple of weeks.

There’s a documentary about the origins of local radio being broadcast on the BBC News Channel on Friday 6th March.

The government has announced a review of Radio services in the UK in the light of changes in technology and the changing expectations of younger people about how they engage with radio.

Ofcom is running a consultation about Public Service Broadcasting, which is aimed at finding out how younger people engage with what public service media is trying to achieve, and if it is relevant in the streaming and on-demand age?

Then there was David Thomas’ blog for Social Value UK, about the event he attended organised by Oxfam and the High Pay Centre, looking at purpose beyond profit, and how businesses need to go further to understand and embed social economy approaches to their development.

There is also the recent announcement that Sir Lenny Henry will be supporting a Centre for Media Diversity at Birmingham City University. Which will look at ways of increasing participation from diverse in the media industries.

Tied with this is the article from Andy Green and Russell Todd about enhanced social capital thinking, and how we can move beyond the mindset of using volunteers to contribute to our projects. Andy and Russell propose that we need to take people on a journey founded in building relationships if the experience of volunteering is to be meaningful and fulfilling.

Finally, there is the report Nothing About Us Without Us, from the Young Foundation and Big Society Capital. The report argues that decisions about social investment shouldn’t be made without including experiential and grounded information that is based in the lived-experience of the people that will be affected by planning and development decisions.






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