Decentered Media Podcast 062 – Tobias and Zinthiya Discuss Positive Social Change

In this episode of the Decentered Media Podcast, recorded at the Documentary Media Centre, John Coster and myself talked with Zinthiya Ganeshpanchan, who is the inspiration behind the Zinthiya Trust in Leicester, and Tobias Gould, who is an expert in connecting business and communities. We discussed what we hope can be achieved if we use media to bring about positive social change. Our wide-ranging discussion covered topics related to poverty and inequality, social and private violence, and on how we can use communication and media skills to tackle our present social anxieties. We discussed how community media as a model of social value communication can be used to alleviate deep-rooted social challenges, and thereby offer a positive social alternative to the narrow and isolating forms of media consumption that we are often expected to consume uncritically.


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