Decentered Media Podcast 136 – Symbolic Thinking for Community Communications

In this episode of the Decentered Media podcast, I wanted to delve into the concept of symbolic thinking and its crucial role in community-focused communications. I wanted to examine how symbolic thinking influences our engagement and interpretation of media messages within communities, and to what extent communications practices can be enhanced by understanding the different symbolic frameworks that people are shaped by?

I explored symbolic thinking as the use of symbols or metaphors to express complex ideas and emotions. Symbolic expression is not just a communication tool, but is integral to our perception and understanding of the world. I wanted to ask how can symbolic thinking fosters a deeper, more nuanced connection with audiences, engaging their subconscious and tapping into shared cultural narratives?

In community media, do we need to better emphasise the importance of symbols and metaphors that resonate specifically with target communities? How do we ensure that messages are culturally relevant and emotionally engaging? To what extent is understanding a community’s symbolic language is key in crafting narratives that mirror their values, beliefs, and experiences?

Thinking this through, I was reminded of the inherent power of symbols in our daily interactions and their potential to bridge gaps between diverse community groups, enhancing understanding and connection within and across communities.

The Decentered Media podcast aims to explore the multidimensional world of media and communication, particularly the impact that different forms of DIY and grassroots media have on different communities.

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