Welcoming 2024: A New Chapter for Decentered Media

Dear Supporters and Friends of Decentered Media,

As we usher in the new year of 2024, I extend my warmest greetings to all of you. This year brings with it, not just new opportunities, but also important changes for our community. I am writing to share some significant updates and reflections on our journey ahead.

Firstly, I am pleased to announce the merging of the Rob Watson Media Blog and the Leicester Stories Site into a single, more robust platform under Decentered Media. This decision, though not made lightly, was driven by practical considerations. Operating separate sites became increasingly unsustainable, both financially and in terms of audience engagement. The reality we face is a common one: escalating costs and static, if not declining, income levels.

This scenario is not unique to us, but echoes a broader trend in 2024, where many of us in the community media sector are re-evaluating our projects. The imperative now is to focus on value for money and to ensure that our efforts yield tangible social or commercial gains. It’s about being strategic, choosing wisely where we invest our time and resources.

In this vein, blind optimism serves little purpose. We must embrace a more pragmatic approach, being realistic and honest about our capacities. This means sometimes making tough choices, like streamlining our projects, to ensure they are sustainable and impactful. Our decisions should always be underpinned by a strong focus on efficiency and effectiveness.

Looking ahead, Decentered Media will be the primary platform for my work, and I am excited about the expanded range of material we will be sharing. This will include not only my contributions but also the work of other collaborators. These contributors, who are as passionate as I am about community media, bring fresh perspectives and ideas. We will be developing our capacity to work with these contributors throughout the year, enriching our content and reaching a broader audience.

Our journey is not just about maintaining projects for their own sake, but about making a real difference. It’s about creating media that matters, that resonates with our community, and that drives meaningful dialogue and change. As we consolidate our efforts under Decentered Media, I am optimistic about the impactful work we can accomplish together.

I invite you all to join us in this new chapter. Your support, ideas, and contributions are what make Decentered Media a vibrant and dynamic community. Let’s continue to grow, learn, and create together in 2024.

Here’s to a year of impactful media-making and community building!

Warm regards,

Rob Watson
Founder, Decentered Media

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