The Emergence of Wellbeing Radio

I’ve posted an article to the Decentered Media Knowledge Base about the emergence of wellbeing Radio. It’s a summary of discussions I’ve had with community media activists and advocates as part of the Decentered Media podcast.

“Faced with a growing crisis in social wellbeing, in which record numbers of people are reporting that they feel socially isolated, lonely and depressed, community radio has demonstrated that it can be a powerful tool able to take a significant role in social reform aimed at the alleviation of these entrenched social problems. There are many things that community radio activists and volunteers do that can have a direct and lasting impact on people’s lives. One area of increasing success in community radio are partnerships between community radio stations and public healthcare and wellbeing services. These partnerships between stations and public bodies are at an early stage of tentative development, with room for a more strategic approach to the social value role of community media clearly needed. Especially as it might be informed by clear and urgent social well-being objectives. If the principles of social value that have become rooted in the public sector procurement process since the enactment of the Social Value Act in 2012, surely, they can be rooted in media regulation and practice as well?”

Download the pdf here: The-Emergence-of-Wellbeing-Radio-005-2020-09-09

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