Roy Mark Weller sitting under a parasol

Hi there!

I’m Roy Mark Weller, I’m a Lecturer and Module leader for Social Media and Innovation at De Montfort University, Leicester. I am also studying a PhD doing an exploration of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals as a foundation for creating ethical guidelines in the context of Social Networking Sites… Or in other words; is social media bad? (not really that bad). How do we make it less bad? (Hint: encourage community media)! I have an undergraduate degree in Media Production, An MSc in Social Media by research.

I’m one of the reporters for Leicester Stories and I look forward to engaging with people and sharing how people in the community views certain issues, while also sharing my own experiences. I have a reporting style that mirrors that of participatory documentarianism, this means I try to engage people in a narrative that intends to inform and ‘persuade’ by attempting to observe all angles of an issue in as much detail as possible (this matches to the type of learner I am!). However, I like to make things for myself and not everything I produce is for an audience, sometimes you might not be the audience and would like to move away from the expectation that everything has to have a target demographic or audience, I just want to make things for me sometimes!

As you can imagine I have a massive interest in how people interact with media and social media in general and I see Leicester Stories as an opportunities to examine how communities use their given platforms to express themselves, interact with one another and broadcast themselves. I’m excited to get stuck in and will make my thoughts known!

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