Leicester Stories Update No12 – Last Week of Sessions

It’s our final week of Leicester Stories community reporting activities and training sessions. While the weather has been disappointing over the last couple of weeks, it’s been lovely to meet and chat each week, and really get to know other people who are passionate about using media to tell stories about their communities and their neighbourhoods.  On Wednesday we were at Leicester Coffee House gathering stories and views that help us to understand how and why we should be building back better. On Thursday we recorded a podcast about the role of trusted media, and how independent and DIY community media can fill gaps that are caused by polarisation and misinformation in mainstream media. This week we will continue to be out and about gathering stories and views about what it means to Build Back Better here in Leicester. Pop along to one of our events this week and share your thoughts and experience on what you want to see improve as we move on from the pandemic.

Community Media Café 10am – 12pm Tuesday, Bishop Street Chapel Café, Leicester. This is our weekly drop-in café session, and a chance to chat with other people who are interested in using DIY media to support positive change in their communities. You don’t need any special skills, just come for a chat and share your experience of supporting positive social change. We’ll provide a tea or coffee to get the conversation started.

Leicester Builds Back Better Stories Pop-Up 10am – 12pm Wednesday, Leicester Coffee House, Granby Street. We are looking to have record chats and conversations about what it means to Build Back Better here in Leicester. Pop along if you have a point of view you want to share, or an experience that you think we can learn from. We’ll record your contribution and share it in a podcast and radio programmes as part of the conversation about what comes after the pandemic here in Leicester.

Community Reporters Club 10am – 12pm Thursday, Documentary Media Centre: At this week’s community reporters club, we are recording a podcast about how we trust our media, and what we can do to build trust in the stories and information that we share. As the technology of information distribution changes, and we find that we access news and information from multiple sources, how do we know that we can trust those sources? What happens when the institutions that we value are no longer the source of trust? How can we make the most of the technology of the blockchain, and other open-ledger systems, to reconfigure the way we trust news and media?

There are a limited number of places, so please Register Here.

Community Stories: We are always on the look-out for stories that we can capture and share via the Leicester Stories website. If you are a not-for-profit community group, a charity or civic society or mutual aid organisation, or a public organisation that has stories of positive social change that you want to share, please do get in contact.

Leicester Stories is supported by funding from the Audio Content Fund, and is being developed with assistance from De Montfort University, the Documentary Media Centre and Zinthiya Trust. If you need more information about the project, and it’s aims, please do get in contact.

Thanks to everyone who has attended one of our sessions. We’ll plan some more in the future, so watch this space for more updates.

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