Leicester Stories – Mens Support Drop-In

Discussing How Men Can get Better Support
Discussing How Men Can get Better Support

Today I had three conversations at the Hope CIC Men’s Support Drop-In Café, that takes place every other Saturday, 10.30am to 12.30pm at the Bishop Street Chapel Café in Leicester.

I chatted with Tina Barton about her experience running support and development groups for women, and how the need for similar support networks for men is increasingly needed.

Next I chatted with Jed, who told me about his efforts at school to be able to wear shorts in the hot weather, and what it means to have your point of view heard.

Then I spoke with John Coster, and he explained why the Café is being set up and what it hopes to achieve, and how the changing context of how men express what is worrying them is changing.

Editor’s Note: There is the use of the word ‘bastard’ in the context of describing attitudes of women who have been subject to violence, and an additional expletive has been reversed.

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