Leicester Stories Community Reporters Club Registration Thursday 29th July

This coming week, at the Leicester Stories Community Reporters Club, we will be recording a round table podcast, which we will share on the Leicester Stories website, with the aim of discussing what is meant by Building Back Better here in Leicester?

  • What does Build Back Better mean in practice for people living and working in a highly multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-racial city?
  • Is Build Back Better just a slogan, or is there some structure and weight behind it?
  • If there is a better term, what is it?
  • Change is at the centre of the Building Back Better ethos, but what kind of change are we talking about?
  • What is the idea of change associated with Building Back Better based on?
  • Has this been a practical discussion, or is it just an opportunity for lots more talk?
  • Are there things that have been adopted and put into practice that point in the direction of practical changes we can make?
  • What have been the reactions to those practices, and are the changes making real and lasting differences?

If you have or want to gain experience facilitating positive social change, it would be great to talk about this with you, and to hear your ideas, concerns and observations about how we can use our media to contribute to the changes we would like to see.

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