Leicester Smart City – Wrap-Up Discussion

The Leicester Smart City project had a wrap-up discussion, so we could reflect on the process of gathering and sharing stories, and think about how community reporting is an effective model for public engagement for sharing and developing greater understanding for public awareness of research.

We captured a wide range of discussions from our reporters, ZamZam, Madina and Amrin, who along with Bindu had shared their reflections and observations. We’ve put them together as a podcast, so we can listen again to the questions and observations that participants contributed to the deliberation.

This project is supported by The Alan Turing Institute, whose mission is to promote the understanding of the ethical and social issues arising from the use of data science and artificial intelligence. Professor Edward Cartwright of De Montfort University is leading the project, along with colleagues Dr Swati Virmani and Dr Ruben Martinez Cardenas of the Leicester Castle Business School.







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