Leicester Smart City Planning Reflection Wednesday 31st August 2022

Madina This is a reflection of what we did today. So, today’s, obviously Wednesday 31st August. We have made FAQs to send out to delegates. The delegates. Yes. We have also thought of what else are we going to do? So, we, we’ve thought about the structure of the day. So, we’ve made a plan, like a first draught, and we have also set out tasks that we need to do. So, myself, I’m going to make a Kahoot and draught, ten to fifteen questions and do that. Then also for the toolbox we’re going to, we found some articles to put on there. And what else, have I missed anything.

ZamZam We talked through, didn’t we, about smart cities and the futures. So, we created a brief for the delegates, sort of. A work in progress. And what did we do, then, we talked about what Smart City is? So, our own definition.

Madina That’s the FAQs.

ZamZam  No, it wasn’t FAQ, it was the brief wasn’t it. As well as that. Yeah. Yeah. Okay,

Amrin So we’ve got a working document, and we can keep adding to it.

ZamZam Yeah,

Amrin Because we’re going to get media together and make up quite soon.

ZamZam Yeah.

Amrin Yeah.

Amrin We need to kind of get that document.

ZamZam Yeah.

Amrin Think yeah.

ZamZam And we did say we will use what Swati put on the website as well, I think. And then Melina will create Kahoots from there.

Madina Yeah.

ZamZam And then we thought we would have a prize for the winners.

Madina Yes. The first place winner, hopefully if we can secure it, would be a £25 lunch voucher at the Gray’s Café.

ZamZam If the budget allows Rob?

Amrin Yeah.

Madina But yeah, that’s, that’s a reflection from today.

ZamZam Yes.

Amrin Yeah.

This project is supported by The Alan Turing Institute, whose mission is to promote the understanding of the ethical and social issues arising from the use of data science and artificial intelligence. Professor Edward Cartwright of De Montfort University is leading the project, along with colleagues Dr Swati Virmani and Dr Ruben Martinez Cardenas of the Leicester Castle Business School.

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