Leicester Community Media Lockdown Challenges Draft Summary

I’ve put together a summary compiled from responses to a survey I produced of community media and civic society groups in Leicester following the second lockdown for Leicester. The responses and follow-up interviews were recorded during August and September 2020, and I’m aiming to conduct more as time allows and circumstances change. The aim of the summary is to identify challenges associated with community communications, with respondents reporting their experiences from a range of established civic organisations, emerging civic groups and different forms of community focussed media. Responses, wherever possible have been anonymised and generalised, and are relevant to general communications practice. Responses have been grouped into four general themes:

  • Organisation Capacity,
  • Community Communications and Engagement,
  • Audience, Client and User Interactions, and
  • Strategic Communications.

Each is further categorised as a challenge or a solution that can be flagged for further development work.

The summary is posted in the Knowledge Base, or can be accessed as a pdf here: Leicester-Community-Media-Lockdown-Challenges-Summary-001-2020-09-29

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