Leicester Builds Back Better Stories Episode Two

As Leicester gets used to life after the lockdowns associated with the Covid-19 pandemic, many people are thinking about what happens next, and what changes we need to put in place to ensure we’re better able to respond to future crises. I’m Rob Watson and I’ve been chatting with people in Leicester over the summer about what they think building back better means and what we need to do if we’re to be ready for the next set of crises. We’ll hear from people across Leicester who’ve been telling us what they think about the city, and in what way they think life in Leicester can be improved. In this second episode, we’ll hear from Zinthiya Ganeshpanchan, CEO of the Zinthiya Trust, and Jonathan Surridge, who’s the rector of St. Peter’s Church in Highfields. To start this discussion off, we’ve gathered some views from people out and about in Leicester, with Leicester Stories community reporter Ryan Clayton, who has been asking people what they feel about Leicester after the lockdown.

Interview 01: Zinthiya Ganeshpanchan, CEO Zinthya Trust, 16th July 2021, Bishop Street Chapel Café, Leicester.

Interview 02: Jonathan Surridge, Rector St Peter’s Church, 18th August 2021, Highfields, Leicester

Programme Transcript: LBBBS-Episode-002-Radio-Edit-Transcription-2021-09-05

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Thanks to Ryan Clayton for additional content production.

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