Leicester Builds Back Better Stories Episode Three

Returning to normal after the pandemic means looking at the big things that enable communities to thrive, but also the small things, such as the relationships that we have with one another. I’m Rob Watson and I’ve been chatting over the summer with people who work for charities and civil society organisations in Leicester, about what they think Building Back Better means, and what we need to do to be ready to face the next set of social and personal dilemmas. Over six programmes, we’re hearing from people across Leicester, who’ve been telling us what they think about the city and in what way they think life in Leicester can be improved.

In this third episode, we’ll hear from Dr Marie Lefebvre, a project worker at Quetzal, who help women recover from childhood sexual violence, and from Mackinder Chahal, a senior support worker at Trade Sexual Health, which is dedicated to preventing the spread, and reducing the stigma, of HIV.

Interview 01: Marie Lefebvre, Development Officer Quetzal, 14th July 2021, Leicester Cathedral Café.

Interview 02: Makinder Chahal, Senior Health Promotion Worker, Trade Sexual Health, 18th August 2021, Trade, Leicester.

Programme Transcript: LBBBS-Episode-003-Radio-Edit-Transcription-2021-09-05

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