Hello, I’m Kulsum!

I am currently in my second year of University, studying Politics and International Relations at the University of Leicester.

As a community reporter at Leicester stories, our aim is to engage with and capture why people think completing the census is important and what they would like to see improved within the community. My roles and responsibilities vary, from creating content for our social media platforms and editing audio to interviewing people in the city to hear their thoughts and opinions. These recordings will then be broadcasted on our local radio stations to encourage more people to have their say in bettering the community through completing the census.

When I’m not writing my essays or working, I run a project/soon to be an online magazine on the side called, Colours of Leicester. This is where I interview and photograph people in the streets, to capture the true essence of what makes up this beautiful, diverse city!

Instagram handle: @coloursofleicester

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