Knowledge Base of Covid-19 Reports and Policy Publications

The last couple of months has been overwhelming, not only because of the ongoing lockdown here in Leicester, but also because every day brings a new set of reports, publications and policy papers that aim to contribute to the post-Covid-19 social landscape.

Every day, it seems, a new batch of reports gets launched which outline how social policy-led organisations are lobbying for change by sharing what they believe should be the socially inclusive and progressive priorities in the response to the pandemic.

The pandemic has stripped the surface veneer from our social settlement, and exposed, one and for all the inequalities, injustices and bias that runs through the UK, and which is ignored or dismissed by our current political leaders.

These reports have an essential role to play in informing practitioners and advocates of community media, as we seek to build an evidence-base from which we can argue for the relevant and social importance of community media. As a contributing solution to the problems that have been exposed.

I’ve set up a Knowledge Exchange that I’m going to list and sort as many relevant reports as I can.

If you have seen any reports, publications or policy documents that you think would be relevant, please send them on to me, either by email or by social media


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