Inviting Collaboration: The Leicester Stories of Belonging Project

Leicester Community Radio is reaching out to invite people and community groups to take part in an interesting local initiative: The Leicester Stories of Belonging project. This project aims to collect and share audio stories of people who have either grown up or settled in Leicester, and then share those stories on-air on Leicester Community Radio (94.1FM/1449AM/DAB/Online).

The Leicester Stories of Belonging project’s goal is to encourage individuals to share their experiences of growing up or moving to Leicester. By doing this, the project aims to:

  • Encourage Storytelling: Provide a platform for Leicester residents to share their personal stories of belonging or arriving in the city.
  • Enhance Community Understanding: Through these stories, gain insights into the diverse experiences that make up our community.

Why Participate?

Leicester Community Radio aims to be a catalyst for community integration, understanding and cohesion, by using radio as a platform for sharing diverse stories that reflect the many experiences and perspectives across the city. Radio has a unique power to transcend social divides. Leicester Community Radio is an inclusive space where voices from different backgrounds, be they long-standing residents or recent arrivals, can be heard and appreciated.

By broadcasting stories that touch on common experiences, yet highlight our unique journeys, Leicester Community Radio hopes to foster a sense of shared identity, while celebrating the diversity that enriches our communities.  LCR aims to bridge gaps in understanding and bring people closer together, strengthening the social fabric of Leicester:

  • Community Contribution: By sharing your story or helping others share theirs, you actively contribute to an understanding of what makes our community unique.
  • Personal Growth: Engaging in this project offers an opportunity for reflection and meaningful interaction with your neighbours.

How Can You Help?

If you are an individual, a local organisation, or a public body interested in contributing to this straightforward yet impactful initiative, we welcome your involvement.

  • Share Your Story: We are looking for individuals willing to share their experiences through written blogs, recorded interviews, or other mediums.
  • Engagement: Assist in disseminating the call for stories and encouraging participation, especially among those who might not usually engage with such initiatives.
  • Co-Hosting: We are looking to attend community events where we can listen to people and collect their stories.

Your story is a part of Leicester’s story. Share it with us and contribute to the ever-changing and growing community narrative of Leicester.

Our first public engagement event is the Saturday Heritage Fair on Saturday 28th October from 10am to 3pm at the Adult Education Centre, 2 Wellington Street, Leicester, LE1 6HL.

Our full list of events will be updated soon. Thank you for considering participation in the Leicester Stories of Belonging Project.


For more details or to participate, please contact:

Support and Funding

This initiative is made possible with the support of De Montfort University and Leicester Community Radio. Supported by De Montfort University’s Public Engagement funding, the project gains academic rigour and access to valuable resources that amplify its impact. Leicester Community Radio serves as the vital community link, providing the platform and outreach capabilities to ensure the stories reach a wide and diverse audience. Together, these organisations synergise their strengths to promote community understanding and cohesion in Leicester.


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