Decentralised Media 001 – Notes on Blockchain

I’ve started to collate some notes about blockchain with the intention of learning about this radical and disruptive technology, and how it is going to affect our lives in greater ways than the introduction of the Internet itself did in the 1990s. Sometimes called Web 3.0, blockchain has a radical intent to decentralise and to de-mediate the economic and social value exchanges that we carry out in our daily lives.

You can download and read my notes here: Decentralised-Media-Notes-003-2019-05-27

I’m interested in thinking about how blockchain will impact on our media world, and what a dispersed and transparent exchange process will mean for the media that we produce, consume and exchange. This isn’t just about how we get paid for the media we create, though that is vitally important, it’s also about discussing how we can manage social trust and verification of information, particularly if we are to maintain a strong sense of community that supports the common good.

I’m at the start of this process. There are many issues that I need to discuss, consider, investigate and think about, and I will do my best to share my developing work as I go along. Any errors are mine. My proofreading and spelling checks come courtesy of MS Word, and the input to these ideas are coming from podcasts, like Jamie King’s Steal This Show podcast, and Daniel Thorson’s Emerge podcast.

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