Decentered Podcast 15 – Luke St Clair Oadby TV

Luke in his Love Oadby Hoody

For community media practitioners we are used to making distinctions between our social gain activity and our commercial activity. As community media groups are usually consituted on a not-for-profit basis, its our priority to put resources back into our communities. But is this the only model of social engagement that we can point to, or are there other ways of helping people in our communities to understand what’s going on?

What if local businesses themselves develop and run their own community media services? Media services that help communities to talk about the life in their communities and that help us to form networks who help us to realise what is important about the neighbourhoods in which we live?

Today I spoke with Luke St Clair, who supports Oadby TV, a hyperlocal television channel that uses social media to support people in Oadby neighbourhoods with the Love Oadby campaign and social media channels.

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