Decentered Podcast 09 – Documentary Media Festival 2018

Tonight’s Decentered Podcast was recorded at the Leicester Documentary Media Festival with John Coster. Taking part in the discussion was Ulrike Kubatta, Catherine Taylor, Christopher Bevan and Daniel Clifford.

Ulrike Kubatta is an award-winning writer, producer and director of documentary films with a wealth of professional experience in film production and higher education. She is the Founder of Showdown Films + Training and the Director of The DocHub@DMU at Leicester Media School, De Montfort University. Catherine Taylor is a graduate of BSc Media Production student, MA Digital Arts student. Christopher Bevan is a freelance director with a focus on developing high quality film and video content. Looking to work in commercial production and have a keen interest in feature film development. Currently directing and producing a diverse portoflio of film, commercial and music related promotional work. Daniel Clifford is Programme Delivery Coordinator (Midlands) for In To Film. He has worked for a film education charity, an Arts Council National Portfolio Organisation, and has run a creative literacy business.



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