Decentered Podcast 034 – Dr Terri Enyon & Carillon Wellbeing Radio

It was really great to chat with Dr Terri Enyon earlier today about Carillon Wellbeing Radio, which is part of the HermetageFM family of community radio stations based in Coalville. CWR is a new station broadcasting to Leicestershire on 1476 AM. The station provides a wide collection of music across five decades, but most important, the station aims to develop and support programmes that focus on information about health and wellbeing. CWR is made in conjunction with the NHS and Leicestershire County Council, and is an exciting innovation in how community media can be used to enhance public service delivery. I chatted with Terri about how the idea for the station came about, and what kind of challenges have been considered to ensure that the station is both relevant and sustainable.

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