Decentered Podcast 024 -Why We Need to Talk?

Why do we need to talk more? That is the question put by Yvonne Murphy who is an independent theatre producer with Omidaze Productions working in Cardiff and South Wales. Yvonne beleives that a more direct engagement between arts and culture orgaisations and the communities that they serve can only be enhanced by providing public spaces that allow people to talk and listen to one another.

Using a pop-up Talking Shop in the centre of Cardiff, Yvonne has been finding out how the simple act of chatting and listening to one another can help our wellbeing, creater stronger social connections, and foster greater collaborative and creative opportunities to share our experiences through participation-based creative arts.

Also taking part in our conversation was Rhian Hutchings, the Partnership Manager for ArtWorks Cymru, and Chrissie Ruckley, Creative Learning Officer for Creative Scotland.


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