Decentered Media Podcast – Lucinda Guy & the Social Impact of Community Media

When we think about the social impact of community media and community radio, we are often encouraged to explain the benefit of what we do in terms of statistics and things that we can meansure. But understanding the role of community media and community radio in our communities means that we often have to think in very different ways. This means being open to ideas about creativity, collaboration and a diversity of voices and a range of capabilities. This podcast is a conversation with Lucinda Guy, who is the chair person of the Community Media Associaiton and the Artistic Director of Sound Art Radio. We spoke over Skype and discussed Lucinda’s ethos of creative appraoches to sound, radio and working collaboratively with people in our different communities. If you want to discuss or share your views about any of these issues, why not sign-up to the CMA Chat Forum.

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