Decentered Media Podcast 141 – Community Media Governance Principles and Practices

In this podcast, I discuss the idea of community media and the need for practical governance as a way of building trust with listeners, readers and participants in different types of community media project. If community media is to provide an effective alternative to mainstream forms of media, we need to explore in more detail the importance of effective governance in community media projects, like newspapers and radio stations. I emphasise the need for transparency, ethical practices, and community engagement to ensure accountability and responsiveness to community needs. I also outline the reasons for good governance in community media, such as democratic participation, transparency, information dissemination, and financial management. The aim of this conversation is to raise issues about how we can gather and share different insights into good governance practices and the challenges in implementing these practices. Additionally, I ask, what are the best strategies for improving governance skills in community media are discussed, highlighting the role of training and capacity building.

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