Decentered Media Podcast 129 – Community Sensemaking with Carl Quinn

In a world that is often averse to change and over-standardised, it’s important that we keep pushing for social spaces that enable connection and creativity. Carl Quinn founded Solvers in 2018, a design-led company that facilitates creative, critical and imaginative thinking about problems that challenge businesses and people, such as climate change, AI, urban redevelopment and many more. We chatted over a coffee about what Carl thinks is inherently problematic in our consumer-driven culture, and what we need to do to inspire future generations to face these challenges with equanimity and imagination.

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  1. Well yes, he is right. However reality is often different. A treasurer averse to change can be quite rigid in predicting the amount of money needed for doing the same activity that was done the previous year. Then, as I have done before we were able to make some changes, but I have had to pay for changing an activity out of my own pocket, even though I have been the fundraiser. Not everyone can afford to do that. I think Friends of Evington have a more flexible system now, but we still have problems.

    The song “Money makes the world go around” is also true.

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