Decentered Media Podcast 096 – Achieving Business Level-Up

This is a special edition of the Decentered Media podcast, and the first to be sponsored by University of Leicester School of Business. Today I was joined by

One of the major challenges that we are facing, is how to restructure our economy to meet the challenges of the future. These challenges have been made more urgent as the UK undergoes its departure from the European Union, which is now joined by the Covid-19 pandemic, and which should also include climate crisis.

There has been a long-term need to improve the productive capacity of businesses here in the UK. For every five days that a UK employee works, French or German employees achieve the same in four days. Our discussion offers some thoughts on why is this, and what the lessons might be that we need to take on board that will help us to close the productivity gap?

The recent LIPSIT report, Achieving Levelling-Up, posed these questions, and asked what do we need to change about our institutional and organisational arrangements, at a regional level, that can lead to ‘good’ management of policy trade-offs that will bring about increasing productivity? LIPSIT by the way stands for Local Institutions, Productivity, Sustainability and Inclusivity Trade-offs, and is an ESRC (Economic and Social Research Council) funded collaborative project. You can download a copy of the report at the LIPSIT website:

The broad questions that the report was concerned with, and which Paul, Mark and I covered in are discusion, are:

  • How can we best achieve economic convergence between regions and localities of the UK?
  • How can we manage economic policies, so they work locally?
  • How can we understand the nature of change?
  • How can we develop leadership rather than relying on established management practice?
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