Decentered Media Podcast 093 – What’s the Future of Progressive Community Media?

Does community media have a positive and progressive role to play in helping to Build Back Better after the Covid-19 pandemic? What is the progressive agenda for community media? How can community media activists and reformers promote the message of community media as a vehicle for positive social change? How can the political discussions and policy debates about repurposing public services, the economy and our social expectations so that they are able to respond to the health crisis, the economic crisis and the climate crisis, going to include our media?

Taking part in this discussion was Iwan Doherty, editor of Mutual Interest Media, Josef Davies-Coates co-founder of United Diversity and Better Media UK, and Lucinda Guy, creative director of Soundart Radio and the founder of Skylark Radio. We discussed how we can join-up the dots between participative and inclusive forms of media, and the broad social, political and economic challenges that frame debates about change.

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