Decentered Media Podcast 086 – Covid-19 Communications Strategy or Propaganda

As the UK takes cautious steps to return to some form of normality following the Covid-19 lockdown, we can start to reflect on how the pandemic has been managed by our health and public bodies. This includes looking at the communications and media practices that have been used to engage with the wider public. Just how effective have the communications strategies used by the government and public services been? Where have problems and unanticipated challenges occurred? What will we need to do differently in the future?  Joining me in this podcast to try to shed some light on these questions, and to learn from past examples of the mass mobilisation of government and people, are:

Nicholas O’Shaughnessy, Professor of Communication at Queen Mary University of London, in the School of Business and Management.

And Paul Baines, Professor of Political Marketing at University of Leicester.

Nicholas is a Visiting Professor in the Centre for Strategic Communication at King’s College London, and Quondam Fellow of Hughes Hall Cambridge University. His book ‘Selling Hitler: Propaganda and the Nazi Brand’ was published 2016. A further volume, ‘Marketing the Third Reich: Persuasion, Packaging and Propaganda‘, came out in 2017. Nicholas is a co-editor of The Sage Book of Propaganda, along with Nancy Snow and Paul Baines.

Paul’s research over the last twenty years has focused on political marketing, public opinion and propaganda. Paul is particularly interested in how messages are received by audience segments, especially through emotional appeals. Paul’s current research work includes evaluating the effectiveness of police social marketing and counter-terrorism communications, and a project to explore the effectiveness of guilt-elicitation in marketing communications.

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