Decentered Media Podcast 081 – Marie Lefebvre and Community Solutions for Breaking Taboos About Childhood Sexual Abuse

“The Quetzal is a South American bird which was caught for its beautiful head and tail feathers and caged. Legend has it that it dies when caged.” In Leicester, Quetzal is a support organisation seeking to break down the bars and psychological cages of women who are recovering from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse. Marie Lefebvr supports Quetzal’s Breaking the Silence initiative, which aims to raise awareness about the trauma of childhood sexual abuse and the value of counselling in South Asian communities in Leicester City using a community-based approach. Marie described to John Coster any myself, how creative storytelling is helping to break taboos for people who are the most deprived, marginalised and hidden away in our society. Marie explained how the project uses a community engagement approach based on finding and using the assets and the tacit skills that are already at hand in each community, and how the project nurtures safe spaces from which women who have been the victims of sexual abuse can go on to find healing within a supportive community.

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