Decentered Media Podcast 078 – Andy Davies Campaign Film

Andy Davies of Campaign Film
Andy Davies of Campaign Film

Using film to support social change campaigns has increased significantly in the last decade. The ability to capture and share video DSLRs, and now on social media has opened up the communications process to new, smaller, and more focused producers. While still using established film making techniques, the new forms of values-driven films requires sets of skills and levels of understanding that goes beyond the norms of marketing and mass communication.

In this podcast I discussed the challenge of film making for social advocacy with Andy Davies, the creative director of Campaign Films. Andy’s aim is to help charities and social businesses tackle social, environmental, technological and economic challenges by telling stories in multiple formats on different devices.

We also talked about the challenge of using social media platforms to support communities in the lockdown, and Andy explained what he had learnt from supporting Isolation Station, a Facebook-based community TV channel in Hastings. We discussed what it means to communicate and share our experiences as we come out of lockdown, and how many of the old assumptions that we’ve taken for granted about communication, now need to be re-functioned and reconsidered.

Isolation Station in Hastings
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