Decentered Media Podcast 075 – Well-Being Media Under Lockdown with Cormac Lawler and Paul Reilly

Paul and Cormac in a hastily arranged picture...

We’ve all be coping in different ways with the Covid-19 lockdown. Many of us have changed our use of media as a way of coping with the information overload. What’s helped is that we have an additional dimension of social media that been able to provide information and support connections. Where would we be without Zoom meetings and mutual aid networks based on WhatsApp groups? Many of us now search for our news beyond the corporate and mainstream bubbles of national political reporting. In chatting with Cormac Lawler from the University of Salford, and Paul Reilly from the University of Sheffield, we started to wonder what comes next as we come out of the first phase of the lockdown? Will it really make a difference to our health and well-being if we aren’t talk about and share our concerns about what is expected of us in the new normal? Furthermore, how can we change our patterns of behaviour if we aren’t able to use our media to foster a more inclusive, creative and local set of discussion and conversations about social well-being, and the partnerships and ideas that they will have to be based on?

Apologies for the terrible image. I forgot to ask for separate photos, and with my limited design skills this is what I came up with.

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