Decentered Media Podcast 074 – Multidimensions of Disinformation

In a report this week from the UK media regulator Ofcom, there is evidence that people are turning away from seeking news related to the Covid-19 pandemic. The report points out that “more than a third of respondents (38%) say they ‘find it hard to know what is true and what is false about Coronavirus’, in line with results from week one (40%).” Part of the challenge in ensuring that people have access to trusted, reliable and consistent sources of information, but as social media and online media has exploded in use, it has brought about pressures that are testing the trust and reliability of the sources that we choose to follow.

This podcast brings together four academics from the University of Leicester, to discuss the multidimensionality of disinformation. Professor Paul Baines has a focus on political marketing, public opinion and propaganda. Professor Reiko Heckel has a focus on model-based development, reengineering and testing, model transformations and the semantics of modelling languages. Dr. Athina Karatzogianni has a focus on different aspects of cyberconflict theory and how civic activism meets with information technology. Dr Robert Dover is concerned with issues of intelligence and international security, with an interest in how defence policy and reform is played out in a globalised security setting.

Thanks to Tobias Gould for connecting us.

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