Community Reporting Session – Saturday Heritage Fair 28th October

Thanks to Leicester Community Radio, and supported by DMU Engage, I’m working on a project to collect stories about belonging in Leicester. The aim of the project is to record and share testimony from people who have lived in Leicester for a long time, or who have arrived in the city. What does it mean to belong in Leicester? What does it mean to live in a ‘super-diverse’ place that is made of many communities?

The first event we’ll be at is the Saturday Heritage Fair on 28th October, organised by Leicester’s Documentary Media Centre.

Venue: Leicester Adult Education College, Belvoir Street, City Centre

Leicester is a city steeped in history, culture, and is underexplored in relation to the extraordinary stories of its residents.

For those who call Leicester home — whether they have grown up in the city, or arrived more recently, the range of experiences makes up a rich tapestry that is ever-changing.

I’m supporting this project for Leicester Community Radio, who are seeking to engage with people who can share their unique narrative and then share those stories on-air.

Why Should Anyone Participate?

  • Contribute to Local History: These stories become part of the documented history of Leicester, enriching the collective understanding of the city.
  • Promote Community Cohesion: Sharing and listening to personal stories fosters a sense of belonging and unity within and between the many communities.
  • Self-Reflection: Telling your story can be a powerful exercise in self-awareness and personal growth.

How Can You Share Your Story?: The process is straightforward. No prior experience is needed, and guidance will be offered throughout.

  • Arrive at the Venue: Come to Leicester Adult Education College on Belvoir Street in the city centre.
  • Recording Stands: Sit with a volunteer who will listen to each person’s story and record the audio.
  • Tell Your Story: Speak freely, each person’s story is their own to tell. Each session lasts between 10 and 15 minutes.
  • Guidance: Volunteers and facilitators will be available to guide participants through the process, ensuring that they are at ease.

How Will Your Story Be Shared?: The recorded story will be broadcast on Leicester Community Radio. It will also be archived for future generations, serving as a testament to the rich tapestry of lives and experiences that make Leicester unique.

Join Us: Whether each person’s Leicester story began decades ago or recently, each voice is a crucial part of the community’s history. We look forward to hearing what you have to say. To find out more, please visit Leicester Stories or contact us directly.

Volunteer: If anyone is keen to learn to be a community reporter, LCR is looking to help train volunteers who can capture and share stories that can be shared on Leicester Community Radio. Email:

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