Beta-X Podcast 001 – Setting Up

BETA X is a Leicester-based design and sustainability hub that promotes digital work, fashion, textiles, film, photography, carnival, makers, visual arts, music, cultural events spanning exhibitions, demonstrations, workshops, talks, events and more. Leicester has strong roots in the design and making of fashion related products, engineering and products that dates back hundreds of years and is still part of the city’s identity today.

To celebrate this rich history, the Leicester Heritage Action Zone (in collaboration with Leicester City Council and the LCB Depot) is hosting BETA X, a one-month programme of engaging events around sustainable design, making and cultural performance.

Jonny Prest and Ady Alexander spoke with Rob Watson about the development of the project, the importance of sustainability thinking in design, and how the Beta X hub will grow and provide a space for creative conversations.

The project is funded by High Street Heritage Action zone and delivered by Leicester City Council and partners.

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