Rob Watson Media Podcast 020 – Clocks Go Back

It’s the last day of British Summer Time, and the clocks return to Greenwich Mean Time tonight. It means we get an extra hour in bed, but the evenings are dark and the curtains get closed at 5pm. So, to while away the hours I’ve put together a mix of music and some spoken word.

The Silver Track – John Metcalfe – The Appearance of Colour       

Rockin’ Chair – Gwen McCrae – The Best of Gwen McCrae

Rendez-vous à Paris – Jean-Michel Jarre – Metamorphoses

She’s a Pass – Paul Leonard-Morgan – Dredd

The Poet Acts – Philip Glass – From The Hours

Lerandis – Cluster – Qua

Work Song – Romare – Projections

The Man Who Sold The World – David Bowie – The Man Who Sold The World

The Tempest – Richard Burton – Richard Burton: The Voice in Poetry

Shut Out That Moon – Richard Burton – Richard Burton Reads the Poetry of Thomas Hardy

Milonga Is Coming – Richard Galliano – L’hymne à l’amour (If You Love Me)

Sonnet No. 73 – John Gielgud –    Favourite Poetry

No Such Thing – Sara Bareilles – Amidst the Chaos

Melt – Leftfield – Leftism

Cindy Tells Me – Brian Eno – Here Come the Warm Jets

Ariettes oubliees: C’est l’extase langoureuse – Veronique Dietschy & Philippe Cassard – Debussy: Melodies Vol.1-Ariettes Oubliées-Fêtes Galantes-5 Poèmes De Baudelaires          3

La Vie En Rose – The End Times Spasm Band – Baudelaire

Diane – D.H. Lawrence & the Vaudeville Skiffle Show – Sons & Lovers

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