Rob Watson Media Podcast 017 – Start of Autumn Music Mix

Here are some tracks I’ve sequenced together in no particular order. The summer is over, and we are heading into the shorter and colder days. Though with the lockdown we might all be taking it a little easier this winter.

The tracklisting is:

La verité – Frànçois & The Atlas Mountains -Piano ombre

Secret of the Golden Flower – Lewis & Clarke – Blasts of Holy Birth

สปิน – Death of A Salesman – Smallroom

Hum – Plastic Plastic – Hum – Single

Shy Boy (feat. Mariam Gray) – theBOYKOR – Between Hellow & Goodbye               Pop

Help! – Thai Folk Chorale – The THAI Beatles

Day Tripper – Bird Thamarat – The THAI Beatles

Hue (feat. Music Acadamy Students) – Red Axes – Trips #2: Vietnam

Metamodernism – Jeffrey Boomhauer – Metamodernism

My Metamodern Synthesizer – Casual Philistine – Casual Philistine

Post-Human – Matt Steck – Starman

Sunset Dreams – Matt Steck – Rivers of Iberia

Bone Jump – Brian Eno, Jon Hopkins & Leo Abrahams – Small Craft On a Milk Sea

Felt, Unseen – John Metcalfe – A Darker Sunset

Dawn Patrol – Portico Quartet – Isla

Spliff – Bilderbuch – Schick Schock

Wir Sind Nicht Allein – Frey & Sway Gray Wir Sind Nicht Allein (Allein Allein) [feat. Felix Räuber] [VION Remix]

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