Rob Watson Media Podcast 007 – Watching the Wheels Go Around

I’ve been intending to put together a music compilation for ages, and now that we are heading out of lockdown here in Leicester I’m wandering about more, and listening to music as I walk around. I’ve put a mix together which includes:

Binary Heaven – Diamondstein from Wire Tapper 53

Waiting for a Train – Hans Zimmer from the Inception Soundtrack

Dune Buggy Attack by Bomb the Bass from Unknown Territory

Jezebel Spirit by Eno and Byrne from My Life in the Bush of Ghosts

A Man Wakes Up by Eno and Hyde from Someday World

Paris 1919 by John Cale

The Star Crossed Lovers by Duke Ellington

Be Thankful For What You’ve Got by Massive Attack

Yer Blues by The Beatles

Heros by David Bowie

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