Rob Watson Media Podcast 004 – Impressions and Sounds Bangkok

I’ve just been mooching around the centre of Bangkok for the last couple of days, and while I walk about I’m wearing noise cancelling headphones and listening to music. The constant rumble of traffic is very difficult to escape from, and occasionally I’ve been able to find a location or a route that is away from the road. So I’ve been piecing together a playlist that has felt close to my mood, or even the opposite of my mood, and has taken me elsewhere as I squeeze on the Sky Train or flow down an escalator on the Metro.

Opposite the apartment where I’m staying is a demolition site, and the sound carries over from it. The work starts at 8am and finishes around 8pm. It’s incessant, but they are doing a very quick job of tearing down the concrete building that previously stood there. No doubt a new building will go up just a quickly.

I’ll try and be a bit more inventive with the sounds I collect this week. In the shopping malls there is invariably music playing, on the Sky Train there is usually a screen with adverts playing. And everywhere else there is the constant sound of traffic. In ten years time, when hydrogen and electric vehicles are common, Bangkok is going to be an eerie place to be. If it ever falls silent, I wonder how people will react?

  1. The tracks in this podcast are:
  2. Vangelis – Blade Runner Opening Title
  3. Ruflige Kru – Beachdrifta
  4. Brian Eno & Rich Holland – Bless This Space
  5. Jean-Michel Jare – Oxygene Part 2 & 11
  6. David Byrne & Brian Eno – Strange Outcomes
  7. The Fireman – Fluid
  8. Cocteau Twins – Lazy Calm
  9. Mica Levi – Lips to Void
  10. The Cure – The Same Deep Waters as You
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