Rob Watson Media Podcast 002 – Arriving in Thailand

I’ve been in Bangkok for a couple of days now, and I wanted to stay out of the heat in the afternoon, so I’ve put together a podcast with some thoughts and a few tracks. I’ve recorded it in the apartment I’m staying in, so the audio quality isn’t great. I actually used my phone with a lavalier microphone. I’m aiming to do some sound capture while I’m here as well, but for this first podcast, its just a quick one.


Moby – Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad

Lalo Schrifin – Midnight Courier (from Mission Impossible).

Ed Harcourt – When Americans Come to London

Neil Hannon – So Long and Thanks for All the Fish (from HHGTTG Movie)

Electreline – At Sea

Robert Glasper Experiment – Black Radio

Big Search – Lonely Mound of Clay (from Resistance Radio – Music from Man in the High Castle)

Jason Aldean – Grown Woman

Karen Souza – Every Breath You Take (Cover).

Keane – Hamburg Song

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