Leicester Stories, an initiative dedicated to local storytelling, has been a beacon of community cohesion in Leicester.

Evington Echo

Documentary Media Centre

Great Central Gazette

The Great Central Gazette is a not-for-profit newspaper in Leicester that was founded in 2022 by a group of volunteers committed to creating a newspaper that serves the needs of their local community. It operates as a co-operative, valuing the democratic contribution of every member’s opinion and fostering shared decision-making processes. The Gazette prioritizes community interests over profit, promotes community engagement, and aims for long-term sustainability. It believes in the power of partnerships and encourages other organizations to join them as sponsors to drive positive change in the community.

Kohinoor Radio FM

Launched in 2009, Kohinoor Radio FM (KRFM 97.3) is a community-focused radio broadcaster based in Leicester. Its mission is to provide language broadcasting across multicultural Leicester to foster community spirit through information and entertainment-related programming. KRFM 97.3 focuses on its listeners within the diverse communities of Leicester and also serves its clients who advertise on the station by providing high-quality programs that attract a broad audience, from young to elderly listeners.

Leicester Smart City

Leicester Stories’ collaboration with these community-focused organizations speaks volumes about their dedication to amplifying local voices and fostering community engagement. It is clear that through these partnerships, Leicester Stories is making strides in connecting the people of Leicester and the East Midlands with compelling local narratives that matter.