No Rice Please – Bangkok November 2019

This morning I’ve wandered away from my apartment. I’m exploring the local neighbourhood and seeing what is about. I’ve found a couple of coffee shops, and a coupe of food halls. I won’t starve in Bangkok, that’s for sue. Though yesterday I only had two meals all day.

I’ve set myself the challenge of not having any rice, as I want to loose some weight. I don’t speak Thai, so inevitably my breakfast just now came with a mound of rice. When I started to eat I realised how hungry I was, so I demolished the lot. I had stewed leg of pork with rice, and it was pretty tasty, especially with the broth of the stewed pork generously ladled over the rice.

Coffee was next in order, but it can be quite expensive here. Obviously this is relative to the other prices. A meal can cost 110 baht, and a coffee can cost the same. I found a coffee stand just outside the food hall and got a hot coffee for 50 baht.

I will probably complain about the traffic noise a lot in these posts. The congestion is incessant and endless. Fortunately I invested in some noise cancelling headphones, so I can take out some of the worst effects of the noise, though I’m certain that the pollution is considerably worse than anything I’ve experienced before.

When you find a street that is relatively traffic free, it’s vey pleasant. There is a nice breeze today, and it is sunny. My aim is to find regular place I can visit and get on with some work, rather than being cooped-up in the apartment.

Tomorrow I start my teaching at SWU. It’s been a long-time coming, and I will be working with aa small group of students. I found out yesterday that their university is linked with a music festival, which will be taking place on the 16th and 17th November, and that they are expected to be involved in the production and staging of the event.

I was sent the link and my jaw dropped when I saw that King Gizzard and the Wizard Lizard are one of the headline bands. This is a pretty big event, which means I can gear the students activities to supporting the social media process that is associated with the festival.

It’s been a while since I’ve done any teaching, so I’m looking forward to being back in a classroom with some students. I’m create some blogs over on Decentered Media that explain my ethos of social media in moe detail, and how we will focus on creating original content that reflects the interests of the learners.

Later I will travel into the city centre and have aa wander about some of the other shopping centres. There are so many that are opening up it is had to keep track of them. Thai people certainly like to shop. I’ll see if I can manage buying a few things from the market at some point. My look of fear will be a treat for the stallholder!

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