My Services are Available

I don’t want this to sound like a self-serving promotion, virtue signalling or self-pity, though it might be a combination of all three, but I’m available and free to provide support on a paid basis for businesses, community organisations or public bodies if you need it?

The freelance work that I had lined-up has unfortunately been pulled, much to the regret of everyone involved.

My option now is either to sign-on the dole, to apply to a supermarket to help out replenish their shelves, or to use my skills and experience in order to help organisations and businesses who are responding to the abrupt halting of our normal daily life.

I have over thirty years experience as a media trainer, academic researcher and collegiate and collaborative manager. I have a PhD and I’ve worked with community organisations in Leicester and nationally to help develop policy and services around community media.

I produce a podcast about how community media can support positive social change. podcasts are a great way to bring people together to deep-dive into a subject and look for solutions. It’s a good tool for dealing with difficult issues that aren’t clear or which need to be considered from all angles.

If there is a job or task that needs support, which you think I might  be able to help with, please get in contact.

The best way to support our freelancing friends at the moment is to quickly sign-off jobs that can be done over the coming weeks.

If I hear of anything similar, I’ll be sure to pass it on via LinkedIn and Twitter.


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