Mundane Blogging – Back to the Matrix

Do you remember when blogging first took off, and the internet was full of the most mundane and basic stories about peoples everyday lives? I suppose this was well before Sex and the City, or You’ve Got Mail! People would write about what they did when they met friends for a coffee, or went grocery shopping. It seems a long time ago now.

I was working on my website over the weekend, making some improvements, and I realised I have this platform that I seldom use. I post occasionally, and some of my podcasts are shared through this site. I’ve got an image gallery of some photos I take occasionally, and my Twitter and Instagram feeds are connected.

Other than that, there is not really much else going on, which got me thinking that I should rediscover my roots and go back to some of the basics of blogging, and share simple accounts of what I’ve been getting up to each day. Why I never did this during the Covid lockdowns, I don’t know.

Anyway, I’m going to try an experiment and see if I can blog my way through the next couple of months. Four hundred words each day, or so. Even if I have to blog about the fact that in my local Tesco, there were no eggs. Nothing. The shelf was empty. Or, I might blog about going to a coffee shop and getting annoyed at the speed of the Wi-Fi!

Actually, today I finished writing a blog about community stories which I posted on my Decentered Media site, and then I recorded a video for YouTube explaining and summarising the blog post. Afterwards, I went for a walk into Leicester, where I recorded a short video for Twitter about the community media discussion session I host on Zoom each Thursday. The sun was directly in my eyes, so I look weird!

The most exciting part of my day will be doing some ironing later when I watch some television. Not that I will relate a blow-by-blow account, but I do find ironing relaxing. Hopefully, and over time, I’ll learn how to make the mundane sound interesting. Either that of my social media experience will double-back on my, like I’m a character in a Philip K Dick story who can no longer determine fact from fiction. It’s the matrix and the simulacra all over again…



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