Migrating Blog Sites

I’ve spent the last couple of days migrating my blog sites to new servers. It’s been a chore, but I’m making progress. If I was a technical blogger, I’m sure I could have had it done in next to no time. But I’m a hosting-hobbiest, so everything has gone really slow.

Figuring out how to swap DNS records, point them to new IP addresses, and setting up new domains has been frustrating. My new hosting company is Digital Ocean, and their service is very good, but you have to know a little of what you are supposed to be doing. There aren’t that many FAQs or walk-throughs about. I suspect that in the future I will do what most people under thirty do, and use YouTube as the main source of information.

It’s given em the opportunity to sit and listen to some music today. I’ve gone through a couple of soundtracks, with Alexander Desplats score for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows being quite atmospheric. Then I’ve had the Beatles on loop for the last couple of weeks. The remixed Abbey Road just rattles around my head and keeps calling me back to it.

I’ll feel better once I’ve made the transition to the new sites, as I’ll be able to update them more regularly, and add more content. I’m not suggesting that any content I add will be an improvement, but it will be something to keep me occupied.

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